Tuesday, November 6, 2012

but For the band

Funeral home to bundled to receive the ashes cooled fee dishonor themselves fitted gray
Newspaper Changsha hearing yesterday, members of the public Mr. Tan said in the Morning QQ800096360 found a post, content charges related to of Fukuzawa Park funeral home new regulations not only limit the outsourcing urn the ashes cooled fee bundled in which. Mr. Tan questioned whether these terms considered Overlord treaty. Around noon yesterday, the reporter went to the the Fukuzawa Park funeral home in Liuyang City, in the ashes of the funeral home side claim to see a white on red notice,Classic 5825 Pineneedle UGG Short, above, to two new regulations: First, where to buy the casket outside the Company, will be allowed into the cremation workshop of the system. Notice inscribed the Fukuzawa Park Industrial Co., Ltd., on the 16th of this month. In a hall inside the funeral home, the reporter saw the public funeral providers Ling (a pseudonym). New provisions introduced Fukuzawa Park, Shang Ling is already known, did not refuse because of the sensibilities. Ling told reporters providers, open already known to the public the terms shall then requested the funeral band, by the funeral home handling. Wearing a white fitted commercial Ling this the helpless nor Fan no say in the terms of rationality, she does not co-ordinate the funeral matters, so do not know the price. Subsequently, the reporter went to the the Fukuzawa Park funeral home business hall, entrance hall also posted that notice, a male staff behind the counter said, He told reporters that the so-called box, for example, . If you do not pay the cooling charges, the company can not guarantee that fitted gray safety of workers, so they requested that the family members As for the band, the Fukuzawa Park will not mandatory / standard of 400 yuan per person in the band to perform specific number based on family need, but For the band, it must go through the funeral home. Male staff member said: casket, but are subject to 50 yuan bagging fee 6:00 yesterday evening, the reporter called the the Changsha Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Social Affairs Director Liao Zhaohui, Liao said, the funeral industry is market-oriented operation, whether it is a casket or band, funeral parlors are not the monopoly power and cooling charges by the Price Bureau approved can receive. Subsequently, the reporter called the the Liuyang Municipal Price Bureau, the relevant staff claimed not heard cooling fee. Liao Zhaohui said that the Civil Affairs Bureau will the Fukuzawa park further investigation. Fan Siding (reward clues provided Mr. Tan $ 50) to share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | today's hot microblogging

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