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80's Fashion nightmare and why the 80's should never come back!
NOT!! I was never so glad to see 80's fashion, not to mention the slang, go out the window. If you were also a victim of the 80's you know what I mean. I was born in 1978. My first memories of clothes were the ones that were so ugly, no one looked good. It kinda makes you wonder what happened to our taste during those years. A few celebrities pulled it off pretty good. But the rest of us, especially those in puberty, were pretty miserable. I personally have a body that every single negative feature of myself was accentuated by 80's fashion. I can look back in time now to the 60's and 70's when the clothes were cool and had a more body flattering style, but home decor was bad. Like the orange and avocado colored appliances and counter tops in . I think the people who got fired from their home decor jobs in the 60's and 70's decided to try fashion in the 80's and we ended up with picture albums full of normal people in clothes that would make anyone look like a nerd.Just for starters, legwarmers, shoulder pads, and over-sized bows are things that never should be worn in public by anyone as a fashion statement. Legwarmers are for dancers, not teeny boppers. Shoulder pads are for men's suits, not ladies blouses, and over-sized bows should only be worn by characters named Mickie or babies. It gets worse! Shiny spandex leggings, stirrup pants and "hammer" pants were fun for awhile, but seeing yourself in them was way worse than wearing them!. I'm sure! save us!Do you remember colored mascara, too much blush, and crimped hair? Not to mention the big fly-catcher bangs, big hair, or ponytails off to the side of the head and banana clips! Oh, my! Guys had mullets and rat tails and Ray-ban sunglasses. The boys wore short shorts and long socks with colored bands at the top. It's amazing that we were able to procreate the next generation with all the "sexy" men to choose from. For shoes we had jellies, and addidas, and high tops worn with everything, and they had to have funky shoe laces and girls wore thick socks in layers of color or short socks with pom-poms on the ankle. Like, gag me with a spoon! Totally!We had hundreds of rubber bracelets on one arm, slap bracelets, and swatch watches. Cuff earrings, big over-sized earrings and boys had earrings on their left ear only, of course! The big glasses that hid our cheekbones and made everyone look like an owl, were just mean. Our jeans were worn in a high water style at the ankles and always tapered leg, and high up above your belly button too! Think Guess!, Chic and L.A. Gear jeans in acid wash of course. Skirts were mini and usually worn with biker shorts underneath. And we'd never leave home without the jean jacket, or Michael Jackson signature red jacket. And who could forget hypercolor t-shirts? One piece pantsuits, and body suits that snapped under your crotch. I hated having to get naked every time you wanted to use the bathroom! How humiliating to a developing teenybopper, who had to wear a training bra and grandma panties!Those clothes were to the max, dude! And did you notice that like most bad things, it's hard to get them to go away? This bad fashion leaked well into the early 90's and was finally cured by baggy jeans worn too low on the waist, and grunge styles that were a rebellion against the tailored looks of the 80's. The early 90's were a little rough, but we made it out alive, and I am forever grateful that the 80's are in the past. Please do not bring it back. You know the saying that whatever was popular twenty years ago will come around in fashion again? I am really hoping that today's designers are a little more selective. I would rather relive the 60's and 70's ten more times than bring back the 80's. If we have to relive it, at least promise not to bring back the shoulder pads!Amazon Price: $149.95Amazon Price: $95.00Amazon Price: $99.95Amazon Price: $120.00Photo gallery of freshly groomed dogs from a professional grooming shop. Pomeranians, golden retriever, poodle, shih tzu, cairn terrier, austrailian shepard, and lhasa apso! Captions provide specific... - 4 weeks agoThis hub shares some common sense ideas to develop critical thinking skills that will benefit your life through good decision-making. Don't get caught off-guard by the liars and cheaters of this... - 6 months agoDo you cringe when telling your child to clean their room? Just getting my boys to think about cleaning their room is a chore in itself! We all know what happens next...the whining, the crying, the... - 6 months agoIf you are planning a trip to Northern California, please be aware, it is not like the rest of California. 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Setting up my account and my customizable movie queue on their website was easy... - 2 years agoThis Hub was last updated on June 26, 2011You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this article up or down. previousChild Support-my child is worth what??nextWhy I love Carpet and Hate Hardwood FloorsDiscover More HubsFall / Autumn fashion basics / clothes and essentials to add to your wardrobeShoulder Pad FashionTop 10 Worst Fashion Trends of The DecadeFashion Don'ts that Won't Be Fashion Do's Anytime SoonClothes That Make You Look Skinny Look Thinner Now!10 Worst fashion trends 2010 Comments 2 comments5 months ago from Northern California Hub Author Thanks for the compliments, shiningirisheyes, I'm glad you enjoyed this hub so much. It was fun to write, but I have to admit, I did do a little research just to remember and reminisce before putting all my thoughts together. Thanks again!5 months ago from Upstate, New York Level 8 Commenter "Like - oh my God" - you had me laughing through the entire hub. I was a victim of the eighties and I can relate to every soul damaging style point. You are a great writer - having me laughing through the entire hub. Great sense of humor and, man do you have a good memory. I forgot about most of it - well, I think it was more denial!Thanks for taking me down the nightmare of my memory lane in the 80's. or and post using a HubPages account.8192 characters left.No HTML is allowed in comments,Classic Navy UGG Short 5825, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your Hubs or other sites. workingLike This Hub?Over 50 Million people discover HubPages every month.

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