Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the photography should choose the right focal length of the lens

Learn camera posture! (Do not only know how to plug his hip pocket, ha ha)
Learn camera posture,Classic Navy UGG Short 5825! 1, head and body bogey into a straight line. Both in a straight line, it is inevitable there will be stiff feeling. Therefore, when the front of the body toward the lens, the head should be slightly to the left or right turn some of the photos will be very elegant and lively; Similarly, when the subject's eyes are on the lens, allowing the body to convert certain angle, the screen will become angry and momentum, and can increase the three-dimensional feeling. 2, arms and legs parallel to bogey. Whether the subject who is holding the sitting or standing, do not let the arms or legs were parallel-like, because it will make people stiff, mechanical sense. The proper approach can be a been a certain angle, or both. In this way, you can not only cause movement, posture and varied. 3, try to make clear body curve. For women were photographed, and the performance of its charismatic curve is necessary. The usual practice is to allow people with one leg actually support the body weight, the other leg raised slightly more and relying on the standing leg, arm to turn, to show its narrowest side of the chest through the curve of the waist, try to show their great sense of soaring. The same time, the figure of a hand can be placed in the buttocks, in order to provide the necessary width to the screen. 4, sitting avoid depression. Performance has been photographed sitting, do not let the whole body got into the chair as usual. If so, her thighs will be showing the rest of the state, so that the leg side and more fat part of the uplift, the leg appears to benzene. The correct approach is to let the body forward, close to the edge of a chair sitting, and keep the chest and abdomen, so avoid shoulder vertical convex belly. 5, the lens should be far should not be. In general, shoot portraits, from the far more recent than some good. Taken away from those close, there will be aberration when the lens (especially the short focal length of the lens). Therefore, the photography should choose the right focal length of the lens, and the lens and the subject to maintain a certain distance. According to practice, we know that if shooting portraits using a standard lens, the best distance should be between 6 --- 8 feet; Paixiong as it should between 8 --- 9 feet; making body image, with 13 --- 22 feet is appropriate. 6, the performance of the players posture. A small proportion of the subject's hand in the picture, but if placed properly, will destroy the overall beauty of the picture. Pay attention to the integrity of the hand when shooting, not to allow it to be deformed, broken, incomplete feeling. Such as the hands on her hips or into the pockets to be exposed at some fingers, so as not to give the impression to truncate. Slowly learn Oh, very practical! Mastered these on according to

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