Monday, November 5, 2012

sleeves plus velvet Oh

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Cute little coat, put on the body warm warm pink baby blue two color display in this season especially the jump Oh , favorite fur collar is detachable Oh . Retro BF large pockets Wind double-breasted jacket, a good range of a lot of counters have this type , VIVI magazine Oh, the Fantastic , style and a lot of flavor Oh , the colors are beautiful retro flavor , lapel double-breasted set of First Instance of the big pockets , very like Kazakhstan . Clothes layer plus sherpa , very thick velvet , the upper body is very warm comfortable , sleeves plus velvet Oh , arms do not have to worry about bloated upper body super feel it this year, the bulk of cap clothes too popular detonated super high retention rates ! Upper body is very cute in a military sense short coat waist design was thin , handsome, very comfortable sherpa plush lapel Oh , lined with sherpa texture very good , very warm , two color very Good, is an integral part of this season Oh . This both the quality and style are a Great Oh , plush looked at or touched very comfortable , inside lined with lambs wool , this tooling design is the most popular this year , oh , especially like tassels plush feeling , walking up the road to a floating one floating , very extravagance Oh .

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